Linking multiple Worksheets



I have to keep track of foundation donors. There are two different causes
that a donor can make a pledge towards. They can choose one or the other, or

So this is what I have done…

I have created ‘worksheet 1’, on this worksheet it lists ALL donors contact
information, names, address, phone, etc.

Using the Copy- Special Paste - Paste Link feature, I have pasted ALL donors
contact information onto ‘worksheet 2’. On ‘worksheet 2’ if a donor is
pledging towards cause 1 all of the payment history/schedule is tracked here.

I also copied (using the Paste Link feature) ALL donors contact information
onto ‘worksheet 3’ which is for the donors pledging towards cause 2.

And again I pasted all donors (using the Paste Link feature) to ‘worksheet
4’ which is a summary of the donors giving history.

I thought this would work great! I would only have to update contact
information once and it would carry over to the other 3 worksheets, this
causes less typing errors!

Now the problem…

I have found that when I need to sort worksheet 2, 3, or 4 it messes up all
of my links.

If I sort on worksheet 1, it will sort all of the contact information on
worksheets 2, 3, and 4, but ONLY the contact information, not all of the
other pledging information.

I have created a mess and need HELP!



Luke M

Instead of using copy/paste links, I would recommend using VLOOKUP functions.
That way, no matter how you sort the data on sheets 2-4, the VLOOKUP function
still functions correctly.

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