Linking More than One e-mail message at a time



Is it possible to link more than one e-mail messae to an opportunity/project
at a tme? It seems his would be a usefull feature, and I am surprised that I
have been unable to determine how to do it.

Look forward to replies.


Right-click the Link to Opportunities from the
drop down list... and then link the email.

You can do repeat this process for other emails that you want to link to the
same opportunity.


Thanks for the reply -- but I was not clear in my question. I know you can
link each e-mail as described by Tango. But can I link a more than one
e-mail at a time? For instance, often I have a set of 5-10 e-mails that I
would like to all link to a single opportunity. Right now, i do it the Tango
way -- right click each, link, repeat. I wold like to be ableto highlight
the 5 e-mails and link them all at once.

David Coon


I couldn't agree more. I can't believe this feature is not available. Is
anyone aware of a workaround for this shortcoming?


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