Linking files in history on peer-to-peer



We are using Outlook with BCM 2007 on two XP Pro SP3 machines and are sharing
the database with a peer-to-peer network. We also save all business files in
a shared folder on "Computer 1."

When I link a file to a business contact while working on computer 1, the
link shows up as C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\File. This
file is then only able to open on Computer 1.

However, if I link to the same file while working on computer 2, the link
shows as \\Computer 1\shareddocs\File and is able to open on either computer.

How can I link a file to that shared folder while working through computer
1, but have the link setup to open on either computer?


Tim French

Luther gave me this answer to what I think is the same problem a few weeks

When a document is added to history, BCM stores the title and the
location or URI (e.g., "c:\mydocs\proposal.doc") of the document.

The trick to sharing documents is that the URI has to work from both
machines. One solution is to put the documents in a shared folder that
both machines can access; e.g., "\\ourserver\ourdocsfolder

So on both machines map a network drive that looks like F:\\\shareddocs\
and then both machines should be able to access the documents.

Regards, Tim

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