linking data from one worksheet to another



I am trying to link data from one worksheet to another worksheet in the same

The first worksheet (roster) includes student information, status (active or
inactive) and assessment units completed (designated as Y or N for each unit)
in columns B to G.

The subsequent worksheets include the data for each unit as well as the
student information--the values for student information are coming in from
the roster worksheet into columns A to F of the second worksheet (Unit 1).
The student's scores are in columns G to BC.

With the help of "Max" from a previous post--I used the following formula in
the second worksheet to return a value only if the student was active and had
completed the unit:


However, the formula returns a value for student information but the unit
assessment data is not linked with the student information. So when I sort
the worksheet or if a student goes from active to inactive--the data on that
row does not align with the correct student.

Would someone please be able to help me come up with a way to solve this



Otto Moehrbach

I'll try to help you with that but I don't follow what is happening (the
problem). If you wish, send me your workbook (file) or a small sample of
it. Include as much explanation as you can along with samples of what you
want to happen and samples of what is happening. My email is
(e-mail address removed). Remove the "extra" from this address. HTH

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