Linking Access 2003 to Vis. FoxPro w/ODBC



I have linked tables in my Access 2003 application that are linked via ODBC.
When I try to modify these tables via the linked table, a query, or from
within VBA code, I get a message that says the data cannot be deleted. I've
downloaded the current VFP ODCB driver, but that didn't help. I've tried a
pass-through query with the following connection string: ODBC;DSN=Visual
This didn't work either. I currently have MDAC 2.8 SP 1 installed, as well
as the latest OleDB update. The tables I'm trying to manipulate are part of
an application. Although there is a dbc file, the tables are free-standing.
Can anybody provide some insight?

Cindy Winegarden

Hi !

Since you are working with the VFP ODBC driver, MDAC 2.8 and OLE DB should
have no bearing on this situation.

Can you create a DBF in Excel, save it to the same directory, link it up via
ODBC and then make changes to the table (in table view)?

What happens if you link to the DBC? Do you see the same set of tables? I'm
curious why it's there since you say the tables are free tables, although
sometimes there are free tables and tables belonging to a DBC in the same

Is there any chance the tables are read-only?

Have you chosen a key field when you link the table? When I link tables
without a key field I cannot change the data and when I link tables and
choose a key field, even if it isn't unique, I can change the data.


I just sent you an email regarding a related issue. Sorry. I hadn't read
this post, but figured out I could modify if I linked with a key field. I'm
now stuck with the new problem.

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