Linked Tables and SQL Server permissions



I manage a SQL 2005 database that has different groups of users using
Access to maintain their data. Each of these groups of people have
access to a different collection of tables which I implemented using
database roles (ex: Group A has Role A which gives access to tables
X, Y and Z). The problem arises when a person attempts to link to the
tables in the sql database for the first time. The link table process
via ODBC does not show any tables. The workaround I have is to
elevate their database permissions to db_datareader which lets them
link to the tables.

What I am trying to figure out is what objects, besides the tables in
their respective role, do these folk need access to to be able to see
the sql server tables?


Jeff Boyce


How are they trying to link via ODBC?

Are they using their Windows logon or SQL-Server authentication? Are you?

Does the ODBC 'connector'/DSN use the Group's Role's logon or their own
personal logon?

Just a couple thoughts...


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Access MVP

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Sylvain Lafontaine

Here's a good introduction on Grant View Definition:

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