linked excel charts



I am using powerpoint 2003. I have several charts linked to ppt pages. 4
per page. I update the charts once a month, then I update the ppt. when the
links to the ppt are updated, the size of the charts sometimes default to the
original size... although sometimes they don't. Can't seem to figure out how
to maintain a specific size (2.4 x 4.4) after updating the links. Can anyone
tell me the secret?



Brian Reilly, MVP

This issue has been floating around between Excel and PPT for years
now. There are precautions that can avoid this happening again. I
literally make hundreds of thousands of Excel charts per year and have
only been bitten once by this.

It is related to the zoom level in Excel. Setting the zoom level after
editing a chart back to the same level you copied and paste linked
this as seems to fix this.

I wish I had a more rational solution. While this has worked for me I
still don't really understand all the variables that could be
involved. I get the concept but I don't have a bullet proof fix.

Brian Reilly, MVP

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