Linked Excel 2002 Charts resizing when Update Links in PowerPoint 2002


Leah Mansfield

Using: Excel 2002 (SP-2)
PowerPoint 2002 (SP-2)
Windows XP

We have a "master" PowerPoint object that reports approximately 500
Excel charts (4 per ppt slide).

Excel – One chart per chart sheet (zoom set at 91%); one chart per

Excel charts are linked into PowerPoint using the following method:
Insert > Object > Create from file > (browse to select the file) >
check Link > OK

Linked chart is then repositioned/sized in ppt to fit our "4-up

The charts are updated during weekly processing and ppt object is
updated by pressing the Update Links button weekly.


We have two different people that update the ‘master' ppt object.
However, the size of the linked Excel charts changes if anyone other
than the original person who created the slides updates the links.
What do we need to do to "lock" the size of the charts in PPT so that
anyone can update the links without impacting the slides?

About 75% of the charts report 25 months of data and have 2 text boxes
under the x axis to display the year (2003, 2004). Occassionally, ppt
will drop the 2 year text boxes when we ‘update links' in our master
ppt object. What can we do to ensure that the two text boxes will not
be dropped in PowerPoint?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Glen Millar

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