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Hello -
I'm having trouble creating link bars in Frontpage 2002. I would like each
page in my web to display every page in my website as a possible link. It
seems I can only do this using 'bar with custom links' because 'bar based on
navigation' does not allow me to show all pages as page links on each page.
When I design the link based on 'custom links', I come across some problems:
1. firstly, the button on the page view includes the file extenstion
'.htm'. Of course I'd rather show 'Introduction' rather than
'Introduction.htm' on the button. How do I do this? 2. I would like the
link bar to reflect the hierarchy of the site in that I'd like the child
pages to be indented slightly versus the parent pages. How can I do this?

If I can do what I'd like using 'based on navigation', please advise me how
to do this as I haven't found the right combination in the hierarchy.

I do not know how to write in HTML so I create the web pages in Normal view.

Thank you for your time - Kim




It is unlikely you will find the right combination.
You will need several link bars, starting with Child Pages under Home
(including Home), then custom link bars for pages that are grand
children of the Home page.

The web site hierarchy is best laid out using tables with cellpadding
(possibly different padding in each cell) to get appropriate indents.

Bearing in mind that I have not seen your site, this could be a complex
layout problem that requires knowledge of HTML and CSS.

You may be better served by using a DHTML menu such as that at
or even the more complex variety at

Both these need a little knowledge of HTML and CSS.

The labels on buttons can be edited in Navigation View - right click on
the box representing the page and choose Rename.

In my opinion, you should have a single page (site map) that shows every
page in your site, then individual pages should only have links to pages
directly related to them (same level, children, and Home page.)
Ron Symonds - Microsoft MVP (FrontPage)
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