line graph showing monthly trend



I have a spreadsheet that has tabs for every month jan, feb, mar etc.
Each month has data in it respective to that month, as it is only Jan
obviously Feb - Dec will not have any data just the headers. My data starts
at A8 in each month tab. I have a summary page that keeps a running total of
specific data I am looking for. For example how many times there was an
instance that we had the wrong address on file. Also on the summary page I
have Line charts that show the monthly trend from january to december for
each specific data we are looking for. In this example it would be wrong
address, showing how many in january, february, march etc.

My question is:
Is there anyway to that i can display the graph and have the months without
any data in it ignored. Currently I have to re-source the graph each new
month. I would like to keep the source to show all the months but ignore the
ones that do not have data in it yet. I can not ignore 0 entries, because
there may be instance where the data is actually 0.


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