Line Charts - Serie Names



!Hi! I need to build a LINE CHART with diferent SERIES NAMES, but I cannot
get different names for the serie. This is the chart
JAN $100
FEB $200
MAR$ 300
and so on for the year. Last year I manually change month by month the Serie
NAme on the plot area, but there has to be a way to get it when I add the
info for the next month. Help?



Jon Peltier

I'm confused just like David is, but I suspect you have a single series that
changes its name as each month is added to the data.

The way to tell Excel what to use as series names is to structure your data
like so:

[blank] Name
Jan $100
Feb $200
Mar $300

The top left cell has to be blank, the cell above the numbers has the series
name. Select the entire range for charting, including the top row. Excel
uses the cell with the Name for the series name. Change this manually when
you add the next month, or write a formula to update it based on the number
of months with data.

- Jon

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