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Hi. I have a line chart with a series of percentages in N14 through N65.
There is one point for each week of 52 weeks of the year.

In cell N7 I have the running average for Q1.
In cell N8 I have the running average for Q2.
In Cell N9 I have the running average for Q3.
In Cell N10 I have the running avergage for Q4.

I would like to chart another line that shows the quarterly average. 13
values of N7, followed by 13 values of N8; then N9, then N10.

Is there a way to do this other than adding another column that contains
these values?




Jon Peltier

The chart has to get its values from somewhere. If you're adding a series of
13 points, you'll need a range that long with the data.

You could use a different technique to add a line, which only requires one
data point, by adding an XY series and giving it an error bar:

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Peltier Technical Services, Inc.
Advanced Excel Conference - June 17-18 2009 - Charting and Programming

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