Lexmark printer problem with XP


Fred Blair

My Lexmark 74/75 printer wants to be reinstalled everytime I reboot xp.
Then, it wants to have 2 versions in the printer list and fails to
communicate with the printer.

Any ideas?


Aretha Franklin

Hello Fred,

Take the following steps to install your printer:

Go to: Start -> Printers and Faxes, and delete all the
printers shown (the Lexmark ones).

Turn off the printer and restart the computer.

When windows restarts, turn on the printer. Now, WinXP
will detect the printer and install a "universal" driver
for the printer. This will show up in the "Printers and

Now, go to www.lexmark.com, select your country, and click
on Drivers and Downloads. Pick your printer model and
download the driver to your desktop.

Now just follow the directions on Lexmark's website to
install the driver. This will install the Lexmark Custom

You will have a second Printer in the Printers and Faxes
folder for this driver too. Just leave both drivers
there, other wise Windows will keep trying to install your
printer every time you start your computer.

Hope this helps. If you have anymore questions, don't be
afraid to ask!


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