letter recognition in drop down lists



How do I get first letter recognition in a drop-down list without having to
use combo boxes?

I have about 500 rows, and on each row a selection has to be made in a cell
from a drop down list. Instead of having to scroll through the list, i would
like to type in the first few letters of the data item and the list to
recognise which item i'm trying to get...

help please!



L. Howard Kittle

You can get close to that. Sort your validation lists and at the beginning
of the A's enter a single A, do the same for the beginning of the B's and
all the way through to the Z's.

Click in the cell that has the drop down validation and type in the letter
of the list you desire... say you type in an O. DO NOT hit enter... leave
the cell in the edit mode (still selected) and now hit your down arrow.

Should take you to the O which is the top of the O list of selections.


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