Less Expensive GPUs Are Hiding In External Graphics Docks


Mar 25, 2003
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Graphics cards are an expensive commodity nowadays thanks to the boom in crypto-currency mining. The thirst for GPUs has driven up the price for everyone, so if you're looking to upgrade your PC what should you do? Tom's Hardware have found a cheaper solution:

External graphics docks are designed to connect to laptops and under-powered desktop PCs to provide a significant graphics performance boost as well as an array of connectivity options (such as networking, storage, and USB). Most eGPU manufacturers (including Asus, Razer, PowerColor, and Zotac) offer their chassis sans graphics card, leaving the installation and choice of GPU to the end user. Lenovo offers a graphics enclosure sporting an MXM GTX 1050 inside, but full-sized desktop versions of this particular Nvidia GPU are neither in short supply nor severely overpriced like their higher-end counterparts, making that particular product not ideal for this solution.

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