LDIFDE and LDP does not work correctly


Leif Braeuer

We are developing automation script and reports to manage
a AD structure. One of our unsolved issues are Group

We want to export group memberships from AD in LDIF format
if possible, because all features to manage these export
files are already done. VB script is not the customers

Simple example: We want to export all members of the group
Domain Admins

So we create a LDFIDE command to do this:

LDIFDE -u -m -r "(objectClass=group)" -d "CN=Domain
Admins,CN=Users,DC=mydomain,DC=com" -s SERVERNAME -f
members.ldif -
o "dSCorePropagationData,objectGUID,objectSid,uSNChanged,uS

We use -m to have an importable format (SAM logic)

All works, but we can only export 7 members, the same
happens with Domain-Users or other groups, we increased
the LDAP policy limit MaxPageSize but that changed
nothing. Also we tried to use -g to use non paged queries,
same result.

After that, we used LDP (from support tools) and browsing
through the AD tree lead to the same result, LDP only
shows 7 members of group Domain-Admins

Using MMC, NET GROUP Domain-Admins, or ADSIEDIT shows the
complete list.

we use W2k Server 2000 SP4, german version

Leif Braeuer


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