ldap lookup from window form



Still trying to find a good group for this question. Posted earlier
in a VB newsgroup. This one may be more appropriate.

I'm launching a windows form using VB .NET 2005 and want to pre-
populate some of the user fields from Active Directory, e.g. "display
name". This works fine when I'm logged in as a local admininstrator,
but not when I'm a lowly domain user.

I get an error "object reference not set to an instance of an
object". I can see the subroutine that is calling the lookup
referenced "at LDAP.Form1.DoLDAP(String inUser, String inDomain)". I
can select continue from the error message and the form loads
otherwise. I'm assuming the LDAP lookup did not work.

relevant code for lookup
Dim myDE As New

Dim mySearcher As New
mySearcher.Filter = "sAMAccountName=" & inUser

If myresult.Properties("displayName").Count > 0 Then etc.

Shouldn't a user be able to see their own AD objects, or is the
problem with the search itself?

I then tried to use impersonation (figuring that the authenticated
user is needed) using examples from MSDN but I get an undeclared
variable on user.identity, so I didn't get anywhere there.

Dim impersonationContext As
Dim currentWindowsIdentity As

currentWindowsIdentity = CType(User.Identity,
impersonationContext = currentWindowsIdentity.Impersonate()

Any help would be useful. Also how could I best trap this particular


I guess the answer is either so simple as to be self-evident or its
just a boring topic.


I guess the answer is either so simple as to be self-evident or its
just a boring topic.

Yes, the answer was boring. It was of course a stupid programmer
trick where I had turned of the update of my LDAP connection string.
So when a user from a different domain tried to run it, the call
failed since it was looking at a hard coded and incorrect domain.
Works fine now, so I'll have to work on the error handling.

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