LDAP anonymous lookup - no username password


Grant Merwitz

Is it possible to do an anonymous lookup in active directory through a web

I am running a site with Domain Authentication activated.
I am looking up a users email address in Active Directory.
This is how i'm accessing AD
new DirectoryEntry(LDAP://DomainController, Domain\Username, password)

Now for this method I am specifying a Domain\Username and password,
there is an overload that only requires a path, but this returns the error:
An operations error occurred
And if i try use an existing Domain\Username with a blank password i get:
Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password

Googling and searching MSDN i found out you can set Identity impersonate to
Will this effect any of the window authentication i'm currently using?
Is this the only solution? and will i just specifying the path then work?

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