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Hi all

I need to change my 15" LCD monitor - I usually work with two/three windows
open at the same time, so I need more space on screen. I think I will buy a
19" LCD, but my problem is there are too many models/brands to choose the
best one
Anybody can suggest the best quality/price ratio for such a monitor?
Much obliged





A 19" gives you a lot more space than your 15", but if you like to see
multiple windows at the same time consider getting a widescreen monitor
- in this case the width would be more important than height (unless
you like to stack windows on top of each other - I like to work with
them side by side). 19" would cost you about $300-$400 for a budget
quality monitor (usually with response time 25ms or higher), $400-800
for something that will perform really well with video and games (16ms
response time or lower). This is about the same price range for
widescreen 17" models, which obviously cost more than regular 17"
screens. Widescreen models use those "other" resolutions that look
really streched and awful on regular monitors - like 1280x720 - but
look good on a widescreen. I have a couple on my website and some more general buying tips.

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