latitudes and longitudes...



I have this thing with excel, I'm trying to do. I have a long list ( about
6000 entries) for locations along with their latitudes and longitudes. I
have these input as text (they are numbers) with no separations. They all
however, have the same format, from right to left, first two digits are
seconds, next two digits are minutes, and all other digits are degrees. (can
be two or three digits) Now what I'm trying to do, is to find some way to
sort these guys, or filter them, so that I can see places that are withing
say five minutes of a certain set of coordinates. So if for example I have
254935 and 1090006, it would find me everythin within say 254400:255400 and

Is this possible?






David Biddulph

assuming your lat & long colmns are B and C and that your reference
coordinates are in E1 and F1, and also assuming that you do want to be
within 5 minutes, rather than the values you've quoted. If you want to
round either the list values or the reference values to the nearest minute,
you could do that with the ROUND function, or if you want to round up, round
down, or truncate, there are functions for those too.

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