Laptop with ME can't find printer attached to Vista



I have a two computer home wireless network using TrendNet TEW-432BRP
wireless router attached to a new HP Compaq computer running Vista Home
Premium. I have an older HP Pavilion laptop with a TrendNet TEW-424UB
wireless USB adaptor. My previous tower was runing Win98 and the Laptop runs
Win ME and everything had been working perfectly.

Both computers can see each other on the network and the laptop can see
public folders on the Vista, however the laptop cannot see either of the two
printers attached to the Vista (Brother HL-1435 laser and HP PhotoSmart C3180

In the Vista Network and Sharing Center, Network Discovery, File Sharing,
Public Folder Sharing, and Printer Sharing are all on. I checked the Windows
Help and confirmed settings it indicated. Network Location Type is Private.
LLTD boxes are both checked in the Network Connection Properties. TrendNet's
web site says the TEW-432BRP is Vista compatible. Both computers are in the
same workgroup "Workgroup".

I tried TrendNet support and got nowhere. They said the router is working
fine. I tried HP support and got nowhere. I'm confused as to why the laptop
can't see the printers. They are shared on the Vista and each printer's
properties confirms they are shared. On the laptop if I use the Add Printer
Wizard and try to browse the network for the printers, I see the Vista
computer but no visible printers. (Same if I go through Network Places.)

I've been recommended to look at a couple of web pages on networking and
none of them had any answer that I could use. I can't think that this can be
all that complicated but I'm getting close to giving up thinking it just
can't be done. (If I need to print something from the laptop, I have to
email it to the other computer as the new Vista doesn't have a floppy drive!)

Does anyone out there have any useful suggestions other than pointing me to
another web page?

(First post attempt didn't seem to work so apologies if this appears twice.)


Not sure if this will help but when I connected my Vista Printer to the
network I read that it was a good idea to put the printer drivers onto the
computers - ensuring all permissions and connections are correct - make sure
that share this printer on the network is marked - I now have two printer
connected - No Problems

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