Laptop for Basic Video Editing - Need ATI 128 chip or Integrated Accelerator OK?



I'm in the market for a new laptop and had a question about graphics
chip/cards. Ideally, I'd like to be able to do some *very simple video
editing on the machine i.e. - import the video via IEEE 1394
(Firewire) and save to a DVD-R.

I know I want a fast processor, lots of RAM and a fast HD. My question
is about the video chip.

Would I be OK with the Intel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator 900
(standard on some systems) or do I need something more dedicated like
an ATI Radeon 64 or 128MB?

I know I'd want the 64 or 128 Graphics if I wanted to do lots of 3D
applications.....but for simple video editing of I wasn't so sure.

ALl thoughts are appreciated!




All the hoopla surrounding video card quality pertains to 3D
performance, which is relevant only in some games. 2D activity does not
place any special demands on the graphics system.

People who use both onboard graphics and an external card on the same
machine have already attested to the fact that they do not perceive any
difference for 2D work.

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