Language problems in Excel 2007




We have noticed a language problem with the addins in Excel 2007.
Let me explain how to reproduce it :
On a normal desktop (HP dc7800) with Windows XP SP3 (up to date), I install
Microsoft Office Pro 2007 with SP2 (full install).
When the installation is done, I launch Excel and activate the Analysis
ToolPack addin.
I can now see in the tab DATA, a box called Analaysis and everything is
show in english, so everything is fine.

Now I install the French Language Pack, a full install.
I launch again Excel but now, the addin is not installed anymore. I
re-enabled the addin, go to the tab DATA and this time the box is called
and everything is in french !!
How is this possible ? the OS is in english and Office is configured to use
the english language.

To continue my tests, I installed the Dutch Language Pack, I made a default
installation. In a default installation, the addins are not installed.
After the installation, I launch Excel (still configured in english), the
addin is not enabled so I enable it and... it is in french !

I now log on the machine as another user, change the language for Windows
and Office in Dutch and log on again to activate the change
I launch Excel and now I receive an error message that the addin cannot be
found and I have to install it.
So I install it and everything is in Dutch (this time it is normal).

But, the problem rise again, when I log back with the first user with
everyhting configured in english. I launch Excel, go to the tab Data and the
box is
called 'Analyse' and everything is in dutch !!

How can this problem be solved ?

We are a company (20000 machines) where we use the english (by default),
french , dutch and german languages and his kind of behaviour is extremely
annoying when a machine is shared between people using a different language.

I wrote here before opening an incident at Microsoft in case someone has
already an answer.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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