LAN Networking with Windows XP and Windows 98


Carole McCrea

I have 3 computers:
2x with Windows XP Professional installed
1x with Windows 98 SE installed.

I have knowledge on how to set up a simple lan and the configuration I think
is correct, but whenever I have all 3 computers connected to my 4 port
10/100 ethernet hub I always get a collision whenever all 3 are logged
on.... All I do is disconnect one of the cables from the hub and it fixes
the problem....But I should be able to have 3 PC's connected to a four port
hub otherwise there is no point having 4 ports.... Should the NIC's be set
to 100Mbps - Full duplex??? Because that is what I have set them to.... But
even when I have them on half duplex it doesnt fix the problem.....
Any ideas??






When you don't have collission in a Hub you have a Problem. Because the
Ethernet transfer is a Data Collision Protocol.
You can minimize the Collision with a Switch.
Greetz Flyerr

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