Lag between video and audio using TV tuner card



PC: Pentium III, 1GHz, 512MB RAM
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 912N (19" LCD)
Graphics card: ATI Radeon 7000
TV tuner card: ATI TV Wonder Pro - PCI

I just installed a PCI TV tuner card and while watching TV, the video
lags by about a second behind the sound. When i watch a DVD on this
computer, the audio and video seems to be in sync. This gives me the
impression that the video card ot the PC itself is not to blame, but it
is the TV tuner card which is causing the lag.
Is there a way i can introduce a half-second lag in my sound output so
i can get them in sync. I know the best option is to speed up the video
rendering, but i am not sure what can be done to achieve that. I guess
the easier option is to introduce a delay in the audio output. Is there
any software/hardware available which can do this?


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