Konica Minolta BizHub C250 Report



I've had this for a few months now and I can give a bit of a report. The
counter is now just over the 10,000 mark and there have been about three
paper jams, which were easily sorted out. It produces a very nice print
and automatically duplexes easily enough. There has been some fading in
photographs that have been on display in the window over the summer,
probably less than with Xerox's solid ink machines, but more than
Canon's CLC700-900 range. It scans well, although the software is a
little odd (I just scan to the machines hard disk then suck the files
across the network, there is a twain driver but I haven't managed to get
that to work).

Toner coverage, I thought this might be interesting for people (I did
stick on here toner coverage for a Xerox solid ink (Phaser 8200) some
time back) The vast majority has been printing (c. 500 black copies, 100
colour copies) Anyway, the counter shows about 6,500 black and about
4,000 colour and density is as follows:

Black Copies: 7.8% Black Prints 6.9%
Colour Copies: C3.8 M4.3 Y5.4 K6.4
Colour Prints: C6.2 M5.2 Y13.5 K10.3

Obviously the odd one is the yellow! Not quite sure why.
It has today said that black is going to need changing soon, so its
lasted there pretty well.

I'm on a supplies and service contract with this so I haven't looked at
supplies cost too much, but a quick glance at precisionroller indicates
$42 for the black toner to last about 11,000 pages and $165 for the
imaging unit to last 70,000 pages.


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