Killing a child process of NTVDM.exe without killing NTVDM.exe itself



Hi guys and girls,

I'm looking for a way to kill a 16 bit application from a script
without actually killing ntvdm.exe. There are other applications that
do not need killed that are running under ntvdm, but I need to target
a specific one.

Tim Meddick

There's [probably] some command-line tool specifically written to dispose of Win16

However, one utility that *will* do the job for you from the command-line, by
searching for, and killing the WINDOW TITLE is NIRCMD.EXE.

This small but powerful command-line tool can perform many different operations on
running applications by processing it's Window Title.

In this way you can use it to close a Win16 app from a batch-script.

It is available [free] to download by clicking on the ling below :

Copy the files to your Windows directory and check out the included help [.chm] file,
in which you will find the complete usage instructions.


Cheers, Tim Meddick, Peckham, London. :)

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