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I recently purchased MS Front Page 2003 to build a web site. After viewing
the source on other web sites, I see the HTML at the top of my pages looks a
lot different. For one, there is no Keywords= area. Do I need to add this
to the top of my HTML for a search engine to find my pages?
Also, which meta tag do I put the description of my page in?
This is my firt time building a web site from scratch, so I am very confused
about what to take out, put in, or leave alone in the HTML at the top of the

Thank you,



Andrew Murray

It's not necessary since search engines now index entire pages/sites rather
than "just" the keywords meta tag.

In any case, it won't result in a higher ranking by using them.

However the meta tags are:

<meta name="keywords" content="sddd">
<meta name="description" content="cfcxc">

Enter them in the Page options - right click on the page, choose "Page
Properties" then enter the description in the "description" field, and
keywords in the "keywords" field.

Click OK.


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