Keystroke for "recent documents" in Vista?



My work computer was recently "upgraded" to Vista from XP.

I used to use
[WIN] -> [D]
to jump into "recent documents," and [Win] [D] [W] to open a document I use
all the time that starts with W. (Or at least get me an arrow-key/[enter]

I can't figure out a quick keystroke to do this in Vista. [Win] [D] just
starts searching for things beginning with "D." Also, counter-intuitively,
if I CLICK Start, then the next place I *want* to click is "Documents"
because it's in the same place as "Recent Documents" used to be, but instead
it opens the "My Documents" folder.

My muscle memory is screwing me up. Can someone give me a pointer here? I
would just go back to the "Classic" Start Menu, but I'm expecting another
upgrade to 7 shortly and I understand there is no Classic option in 7 so I'm
trying to "get used to" the new style.

Thanks in advance!


Alan Edwards

While I can't help on the keystrokes, the opening of "My Documents"
when you use Start-Documents can be changed. You may find it better to
right click the Start button, select Properties then Customize
(against Start Menu) and change Documents to "Display as menu) instead
of as a link.



Thanks guys; yes, I really prefer the "classic" Start menu myself.
Unfortunately it doesn't exist in W7 so I'm trying to get used to the new
style since the W7 upgrade is right around the corner here at the office. (Or
so I've been told.)

So... nobody has a good keystroke for that one, eh? Shame. :/

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