keyboard(s) malfunctioning



An issue has arisen when using Vista. It happens in Windows Mail, Word and
filling in online forms. The keyboard has been swapped for another and the
same fault is present.
The following keys do not appear onscreen unless the spacebar is pressed
(when the symbol appears in its correct position onscreen i.e. without an
inserted space or unless the key is pressed twice (when 2 symbols appear).
The following keys are affected (all others work fine)

~ ` (one key, shift to be pressed to bring up the second symbol) ^ (but
not 6) and ' " (again one key, shift to be pressed to bring up the second
symbol). The ^ is unusual in that both the symbols on the other keys are
faulty whereas pressing 6 does make it appear when pressed normally but ^
does not show when shift is pressed.

Has anyone any ideas as to how to fix this?




You are using the US International Keyboard. Change to US in Start - Control
Panel - Regional And Language Options - Keyboard and Languages - Change

The Dead Keys
The dead keys are the apostrophe ('), quotation mark ("), accent grave (`),
tilde (~), and caret (^). If these are pressed the system waits for the next
key. If it is in the list below then it enters the symbol character else it
enters both keys separately. These work with uppercase where appropriate.
Press Space to insert the dead character.

See Names of Accents for a list of what the characters are called. This
paragraph lists what the keys are called. See Tips for infomation on
Microsoft Word.

Key Description
' then C Ç
' then e é
' then y ý
' then u ú
' then i í
' then o ó
' then a á
" then e ë
" then u ü
" then i ï
" then o ö
" then a ä
` then e è
` then u ù
` then i ì
` then o ò
~ then o õ
~ then n ñ
^ then e ê
^ then u û
^ then i î
^ then o ô
^ then a â


Solved! Many thanks for that info. I'd forgotten that I'd played around
adding extra languages a few weeks ago and had messed a few things up at the
same time. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!


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