Keeps getting exception in dotfuscator output



I get exception when I try to run my c# windowsapplication after its
exe-file has been built with dotfuscator community edition. I can only
use the "rename" feature. But from what I have understood thats the
only thing available for this version.
My problem is that even if I exclude everything from beeing renamed and
then builds my assembly in dotfuscator, the output is useless,
prompting an exception. The input exe file is working fine.
How can this be?



Cowboy \(Gregory A. Beamer\)

Reverse engineer the IL with Reflector. You will probably find one of the
public elements that has been renamed, or similar.

If that does not work, post the exception message, so we are not shooting
around in the dark. :)

Gregory A. Beamer

Think outside of the box!




The exception I got was a file not found exception or something like
that. This was my fault, I did not put the obfuscated output in a
directory where the relative paths of files to be read by the app could
be found.

So now I can obfuscate my app. My problem now is I can only do it on
the debug version.
When giving the release version as input to dotfuscator it says this
during build:

writing assemblys...
External type not found c,Interop.IsLicenseDotNet, Version=,
Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null
Build error

The Interop.IsLicenseDotNet is a dll that I reference in my VS2003
project. I call methods which resides in that dll from my app.
What should I do with such dlls. I have only got the community edition
of dotfuscator so almost everything is disabled. Is it possible to
obfuscate a project with added references in community edition? I get
no complaints from dotfuscator about the System.XML, System.Data, ...
references that VS2003 adds by default when I create a windows

Like things are now, I get to chose between the following 2
1) Release my application with debug information available and renamed
classes, methods, variables
2) Release my application with no debug information available and with
all classnames, methodnames and variable names easily understood by a

If there is no way I can get an assembly without debug information AND
with obfuscated naming, which one is the safest to release of 1) and

Cowboy (Gregory A. Beamer) skrev:

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