Keeping XML data in workbook?



Hi all,

I'm writing a VBA app to collect data from Excel workbooks and sheets and make a report, also in Excel format. Along with the report, I also need to store metadata on how the report was generated (what data was picked and from where).

If possible, I'd like to store the metadata in XML. So I wonder if it's possible to store XML data somewhere *inside* a workbook, preferably hidden from casual end users. If not, I imagine I could save it in rows and columns on a hidden sheet. But the question is: can I keep XML data inside a workbook? I'm using Excel 2003 and 2007.



A worksheet cell can contain 32,767 characters. Only the 1st 1024 is
visible. You can put data into a cell the then hide the entire worksheet so
it is not visible.

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