Keeping same XP Drive Letter Assignments after Vista install?



Having a problem after installing Vista!

I have one hdd with 2 partitions:

C: Drive (XP Boot drive, Primary, Active) and D: Drive (Where Vista will go,
logical drive, non bootable)

Now, when I install Vista on the D: Partition and dual boot into Vista it
says it's now C: and my XP partition is now D:

I don't want that to happen! I want Vista as D: and my XP partition as C: so
I can share applications without having to have 2 copies installed, I just
re-install to C: and share it with XP!

I'm sure other people would like Vista to have the same drive letter
assignments as their other OS too when dual booting!

So, how can Vista be made to assign itself Letter D: during or after

Any help welcome!



Norman Diamond

In order to get this result, you have to initiate the Vista installation
during a running XP session instead of booting the Vista DVD.


Thanks I'll try that, common sense isn't my speciality :(

I also found another way by 'forcing the issue'. Found an MS Article about
changing the MountedDevice @

Did that and it breaks Vista as the registry looks on C:\, so used Reg
Crawler to force most C:\ references to D:\ and Vista then booted. Did an
Upgrade from within Vista at that point and that sorted the problem too as
Vista is now running as D: and XP drive is now C:

A lot messier but it worked!


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