Keep losing Internet Explorer connection



I have a new Gateway MT3418 notebook with Vista Home Premium pre-installed.
This notebook has an internal wireless adapter.

I have gone through all of the steps to get wireless connectivity to the
internet via my home network cable modem and wireless router. All parameters
are set up correctly, and I am able to connect either through an Ethernet
cable, or wirelessly.

Both methods work, but there is still a problem. After being online with the
internet wirelessly for a while (using Internet Explorer as my browser),
Internet Explorer will sometimes (but not always) issue an error message
saying "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". If I then check the
wireless icon at the bottom right-hand edge of the screen, I am told that
there is a wireless connection to my home network and the signal strength is
excellent. My notebook is 4 feet from the modem and router.

The only way I have found to get back online wirelessly is to reboot.

Any suggestions? Thanks.




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