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Wilson Smith

I am launching 'frmMyWindow2.aspx' from the clicked event of a button from

Here is my code looks like.

Dim strScript As String = "<script

If (Not aspxPage.IsStartupScriptRegistered("CustomerNo")) Then

aspxPage.RegisterStartupScript("CustomerNo", strScript)

End If

After launching the window "frmMyWindow2.aspx", frmMyWindow1.aspx is coming
top of the screen. How to make the launched window ("frmMyWindow2.aspx") to
remain top of the screen?

Thank you very much for your reply.


Sahil Malik

You can't do always stay on top windows in IE (And thank god you can't or
those advertisements would drive me up the wall)!!!

The closest you can get is, as the window looses focus (OnBlur), you can
make it get the focus again (Window.Focus()).
Once you have done that, you would have created the world's most annoying
popup window.

If you want to bring the newly opened window on top soon as it is opened,
you could use the same trick as above, but instead of putting Window.Focus
in OnBlur, you could use the reference of the newly opened window and call
..Focus() on it from the calling page.

- Sahil Malik


You can use window.showmodal() (for ie) or use the open with the modal

PS:I hope i'had understand the answer.

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