KB956572 update will not install


Paula Allton

Hi, All,

Running Win XP SP3.

Until now, all updates have installed with no problem. Now KB945472 will
not install. I do manual install of updates. The update process 'appears'
to go thru with no problems, get message update complete, but then get the
notice of updates available. When I look at what is ready for update, this
one is still on the list. The only other update on the ready list is update
for Windows 8.

Are both updates connected in that I need to do Windows 8 update for the
other one to install????

Thanks for any help.

Ron Badour

There is no Windows 8--do you mean Internet Explorer 8? There is no
knowledge base article 945472 showing at MS--do you have the number typed


Ron Badour
Windows Desktop Experience

Paula Allton

OOPS! IE 8 and my fingers slipped when typing number in article. Update #
correct in message title - KB956572.

I had four updates waiting to be installed this am. All installed except
the one cited even tho I got message all had installed.


Download the standalone update for this fix. Then run it with the /o
parameter. This fixed it for me.

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