jscript error


J Lunis

IE6 / XP SR2 / jscript
Recently I have begun having jscript problems in IE6. Specifically, on
a number of web sites I get the following errors . . .
either a generic jscript error similar to "jscript error prevented this
page from displaying correctly" or a more specific
"Microsoft JScript runtime error '800a138f'
'op.3' is null or not an object
/website/screeners/results.asp, line 222 "
Can't find an explanation of these errors in MSKB or through google.
How do I resolve these errors?

Rob ^_^

Hi JL,

There have been recent changes to the Jscript engine. First check for
Updates at the Windows update centre. I have just downloaded and installed
the Live One Care Centre which recommended the JScript upgrade that did not
seem to come with automatic updates.

Though looking at the error message "op.3 is null or not an object" seems to
be a programming error from the web site, in which case you should take the
issue up with the sites webmaster.


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