Joining Tables/Queries



I’m new to Access. I can build simple tables, queries, forms, reports, etc. I
have several databases that have names and addresses. I would like to be able
to join a few tables in order to query and or search for specific names and
address. As an example I have added the primary key field which automatically
adds a number to the field for both tables. Is there a place I can go, a book
I can buy explaining in plain English how to accomplish this?

Thanks for any help.




Nikos Yannacopoulos


Check out "Combine data in fields from two or more tables using a union
query" in Access help, I think it's what you need.

That said, are you sure you should keep similar information in different
tables? Are the rest of the fields in each table different? If not, you
should put all of them in a single table, and use a separate field to
store whatever information is signified by the different tables under
your current design.


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