Java Applets



I am attempting to get to a place (yahoo games) that
opens a JAva applet to play game and for some reason it
does not open applet but site seems to be
working ...could I have turned something off

Jim Byrd

Hi Witty - The simplest way to fix the "Install on Demand" problem is to
follow the directions/choices here: Just be sure that you read it
all carefully.

You can test whether Java is working on your machine at the following
sites: (both 1.0 and 1.1 and what's

and you can test Javascript here:

and check whether you have the MS VM installed and which version here:

Be aware, however, that after Jan 2, 2004, MS will apparently no longer
be distributing Java or providing any support for Java including
security fixes. (It's unclear as to how 6/26/03 court decision will
affect this) See here: so you
might want to start thinking about the future.

You can get the Sun Java J2SE RunTimes or SDK here: (all versions - select using
the dropdown)

Sun also offers an automatic download and install of the 1.4 Java
plug-in here:

Both Java VM's can co-exist on your machine quite nicely. Just select
which one you want to use in Tools|Internet Options|Advanced and restart
all IE browsers. Here, courtesy of Michel Gallant, MVP Security, is a
tiny utility which allows you to toggle and view status of your current
Java VM vendor associated with IE:

Regards, Jim Byrd, MS-MVP
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