itunes loses track of albums I've moved



Here is my issue...

Each song I import from my cd's is put into its respective folder in itunes.
That folder is usually the album name of the cd I just imported. It can be
very frustrating importing greatest hits cd's as itunes likes to sometimes
create a folder called "compilations " for these as opposed to the name of
the artist. So you could, for example, have Queens Greatest Hits in the
compilations folder and Classic Queen in the Queen folder. Both are "hits"
albums by the same artist but itunes isn't recognizing this my
ipod...hate itunes and its over indulgent logic. So now when I move the
folder into its proper location (the Queen folder in the above example),
itunes loses track of it and it can't be played from the library. It shows
the dreaded exclamation mark beside the missing songs. I then have to
manually locate each song, one at a time. My question is how do I make
itunes see the new location without doing it one song at a time? Is there a
batch method of doing this?

Larry Schober

Just do this: (assuming you've got the latest version of iTunes, 7.6 as of

- Select all the songs in your album that's in the Compilations folder
- If it asks you whether you want to edit multiple items, just hit yes
- Right click, select Get Info
- Click on the info Tab in the window that opens
- There should be a drop down box in this window that reads "Compilation".
Make sure that drop down box is switched to "No".
- Make sure that the "Album Artist" text box in this window reads the artist
you want (e.g. "Queen," and not "Various Artists" or something else)
- Hit OK. If you have your library set up to auto-arrange itself in iTunes
it'll move the music to the proper artist's folder.


Thanks Larry. I should have thought of that but I'm still trying to get my
head around how Mr. Mac does things ! I guess I'm just too PC conditioned. I
thank you most kindly.

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