Is there anyone actually here.. or am i just doing this for no rea



Look.. ive been having issues with vista since i bought and isntalled it..
first.. it put all my old stuff in the Windows.old file.. ok.. good.. one
problem how the hell do i get them out?

Second.. why the hell do i ahve no sound. and that it says i have nothing
intalled no audio hardwar... i have my realtek and it's been working fine b4
upgrade.. so it even shows that i have it.. yet it's not workign i kep get
misdirected my stupid help messegs and errors or direction signs that spin me
in circles.. i want this to work i have faith in Vista.. but i keep getting
more "i dont liek it" signs popping up everywhere...

all i want is my sound.. my WoW and my old games, downlaods and endless
music... lets just say getting some oif thoses back will be impossible..

Plz i feel liek i just typed all that for no reason and i wont get answered
for liek a week and once i do.. its like why the hell did i get upgreaded for
this...? humph... if ther eis someone monitering this website's community..
lets her efrom ya.. i dont want to be waiting for someone to say good luck,
or here go here then here then ehre and downlaod this and do this, then go
here, then opps sorry error restart or repurchase vista or what not... plz

just help me and make it worth my money.


Specifically, what is the sound device's name in Device Manager, under
Sound, video and game controllers? Is it Realtek High Definition Audio?