Is there a way to set the category order in the PropertyGrid



I have an application which uses the PropertyGrid to display
highly-customised dynamic data using ICustomTypeDescriptor. I need to be able
to display the properties within categories with the order of both the
categories and properties being programmable.

I can control the order of properties by setting PropertyGrid.Sort to
Categorized (which displays properties within each category in the order they
are returned from ICustomTypeDescriptor.GetProperties), but I can find no way
of controlling the order of the categories themselves. They always seem to be
displayed in alphabetical order independent of the order in which the
properties are returned.

Is there any way to override this category order?

Tom Krueger [MSFT]


I'm not sure if there is a way to order the categories, however, here are
links that I have for the property grid. There may be something in them.

In the mean time I will ask around.

Tom Krueger

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