Is there a way to center (horizontally) items in a list box?


Wol Bruin

I want each individual item in the list box to be centered horizontally. I don't see any properties that allow me to do this, nor any VBA code I can apply. When I tried adding leading blanks and using a fixed font such as Courier New, Access would trim off the leading blanks and left justify the text.
I am using MS Access 2007.


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Open in design view, click on Property Sheet and format property Text Align
sekect Center.

Gina Whipp


You can't center text in a list box... but I found something you posted a
little back that works like a charm...

SELECT Space(15-len([FieldName])/2) &[FieldName] FROM [TableOrQueryName];

Note, you may have to play with the * -15 * depending on the width of your
list box.

Gina Whipp

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