Is there a way to automatically relink linked tables when opening.


Janie Ross

I have an access database with linked tables to a sql database. Everytime my
user opens the db from a workstation, she has to relink all linked tables.
As soon as she does that, it works fine. Everytime she exits the db, she has
to relink again. Any way to automate this process?




That's strange. What do you mean by relink? Does the user has to go to
'linked table manager' everytime she opens the db or does she get notified
and click ok everytime. In case of the latter it might be that a DSN
connection is made and that a password is required to use the db.

The only way you have to relink everytime is when the front end is placed on
another location. Or perhaps the file is being placed in a roaming profile
which is rebuid everytime the pc starts.

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