Is it possible to permanently group worksheets



when worksheets are grouped what is entered in one worksheet is automatically
entered in all selected, is it possible to make this feature permanent?
I have budgets in 2 languages on seperate worksheets (with the same data),
and users make changes in the different languages, I want them to be
reflected in the all worksheets of the other languages (without having to
group worksheets for themselves, an added complication for low level users),
formulas wont work because they are circular. An added complication is that
there is also mutlple budgets within the one workbook.



Otto Moehrbach

You could use a Workbook_SheetActivate event macro or a Worksheet_Activate
event macro. Which one to use would depend on the layout of your workbook
and what you want to do. If you want to group ALL the sheets whenever ANY
one sheet is activated, use the former. But if you want to group just some
of the sheets whenever one of just a few sheets is activated, use the
latter. If you use the latter, the macro will have to be placed in the
sheet module of each pertinent sheet. You will also need a
Workbook_BeforeSave or a Workbook_Open macro to ungroup the sheets so that
the new user will see a clean slate if that is what you want.
Record a macro while you group the sheets to get the code to group the
sheets. Do the same to get the code to ungroup the sheets.
Post back if you need more with any of the above, HTH Otto


Aug 12, 2015
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You simply press Shift Key and simultaneously select the tabs that you want to work as group Worksheet.
Now, simply save the excel book to which you made the above changes and Exit.
Next time you try opening the Excel Workbook, the Worksheets are grouped by default !!

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