Is it possible to have non-printing characters in Excel?



It's easy in Word - just format as "hidden text" but I can't work out an
equivalent in Excel. I want to be able to see things on the screen but when
I print it out there are several cells on the spreadsheet that I do not want
to print. I do not want to use comments feature.

Any help appreciated




Well, Excel is not a word processor, so you can't expect the same
features in both.

If the cells are in one column then highlight the column and adjust
the column width to zero (or click on Format | Column | Hide)

If the cells are spread about over the sheet, then select each in turn
and then set a white foreground colour.

Hope this helps.


Bill Kuunders

One way....................
set up the range of cells you do not want to print as a name......
(I've used "noprint")
use a macro to print the sheet rather than the normal print instruction
see the macro below

assign the macro to a button on the sheet which can be formatted so
that the button is not printed

Greetings from New Zealand

Sub hiddenprint()

Application.Goto Reference:="noprint"
Selection.NumberFormat = ";;;"

ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut Copies:=1

Application.Goto Reference:="noprint"
Selection.NumberFormat = "General"
End Sub



Jacob Skaria

Excel is not a word editor..Few workarounds

--One option is to hide the rows/columns which are not to be printed.

--If you are priting in Black and White you can play with the colours of the
font and the backgrounds so that it prints in a way that is illegible.

--Have a seperate report linked to the original report but which ignores the
data which is not to be printed.

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