Is Defender running?



When I had MS Anti-spyware loaded on my PC there was always a little "Orange"
round target resting in my Task Bar right next to my clock..Now with Defender
I don't see a little "Icon" in the taskbar...

After I start up "Defender" does it stay on all the time? or do I need to
click on "Start/Programs/Defender" everytime I want to run the program...I
thought It would run everynite at 4am but it has not run automaticly since I
installed it 3 days ago...(under general settings it is suppose to run every
night @ 4am)

I was hoping that after I installed it. (It would run just like the original
version) I would not need to do anything else...I was hoping after I started
and shrank it down to the task bar it would disappear and show up right
beside the clock like MS anti-spyware did...

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