I have an ASUS P5RD1-VM motherboard and each time I restart my computer or
insert a disk to my PC, I get an error "blue screen of death", with the
The driver ASUS supplies isn't for Windows Vista (I have Windows Vista Home
This problem (or a similar one) occured on this computer with WinXP, so I
installed Windows Vista to fix it, but now the problem returned.
On the solutions center there is a message that the error was caused by
ATK0110 ACPI driver, and the solution is Windows Update. Windows Update found
no updates for this driver. I tried to download the driver for my MotherBoard
from ASUS web, but there was no Vista-Compatible one so I updated it manually
by choosing the INF file there. I didn't help, the problem still exists.
The problem mainly happens when I try to read a CD/DVD from my computer's
drive, or just turn-off/restart the computer. Just before it shuts down, the
screen becomes blue, and after few seconds the computer begins to upload the
Windows, and when I log-on the is a message that there was an unexpected
error for windows.
How can I fix that?
Thank you


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