Iphone / BCM / OL2007 Contacts have Vanished on Sync


Ashwin @ Sumix

Hi Guys,
This issue kinda is tied with another post i have in the Exchange 2003
Recovery Area... However the issue is this...
Earlier one of my team members were setting up a Sync between a new 3G
Iphone and BCM.

Now this device was already connected to my exchange server 2003 ( which is
on a SBS 2003 Server SP2 and Exchange 2003 also running SP2) and working
Now the EU wanted to sync BCM to the Iphone as well, so upon researching
this, they found the this software "CompanionLink" did the trick. Great
bought it and installed and ran it.

When the sync lauched - it starts up ITUNES and Sync'd fine - no errors,
however ALL THE CONTACTS from OL2007 have disappeared.

They are not on the device, they are not in Outlook, they are gone and I am
baffled as to where they have gone... they have not been deleted, as I have
checked the retenstion policy to recover deleted items. checked the device
through with nothing...

Has anyone ever seen this happen before? Can anyone help?

Would really like some advise on where to move from here...

Many thanks

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

If the user or companionlink cleared the contacts on the device, syncing
would delete them from outlook.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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