IP bridging troubleshooting



I'm trying to connect a hub to a router, such as at
The directions I have from Asus are:

"After looking over your emails I saw that the original email
solution I sent to you was wrong. I thought you were connecting two
routers together ( which is called WDS), not connecting a hub to the
router (which is called IP bridging) This setup is actually quite
simple with the WL-330G. All you need to fo is reset the WL-330G and
flip the switch on it to ethernet adapter mode. Then, plug the unit
into your hubs uplink port. It will automatically find the wireless
router signal and then bridge the two units together. There should be
no setting changes made to the WL-330G. "

The router is SMC7004VWBR, which is reviewed at
<http://www.tomsnetworking.com/Reviews-19-ProdID-SMC7004VWBR.php>. I'm
trying to pinpoint the difficulty I'm having with this setup. The
likeliest candidates:

a.) The WL-330g is defective. However, it works in other regards. I
recently updated the firmware.
b.) The hub is defective. However, I've used it to ping from one
computer to another, so it works in that regard. It's an old model.
c.) The router is defective, or more likely, doesn't have this
capability. This seems the likeliest, to me, but I'm not sure. How
can I find out? Unfortunately, it's not my router and it's not on my
property. Asking the owner of the router, my neighbor, to update the
routers firmware or otherwise do anything is no small task.
d.) User error. I'm not connecting the different pieces together
correctly, or something.

what I'm doing:

1.) disconnect and power off the WL-330g and computer.
2.) connect hub to the computer.
3.) connect the WL-330g to the hubs uplink port.
4.) turn on the computer, WL-330g and hub.
5.) reset the WL-330g.

But, err, no internet. Plus, the manual for the WL-330g says that MAC
cloning must be disabled. However, when I run the software which
controls the WL-330g settings, the software reports "no device found."

I'm looking for a technique to try to figure out what's not working and
why it's not working. There are many devices involved, which makes it
kinda difficult to pin down. What are some good questions to ask,





Doug Sherman [MVP]


On some hubs/switches, especially old ones, when you need to connect to
another switch/router through the uplink port, you cannot connect another
device to the immediately adjacent port. Also, some older models have a
switch to enable/disable uplink.

Doug Sherman

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